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SPECTRAN V6 3d Order Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) Specs

Our latest two-tone standard test generated the following findings (2MHz tone spacing 998MHz and 1GHz @ 1,76kHz RBW, -20dBm RefLevel, no amplifier):

  • SPECTRAN V6 RSA250x: = 90dBc
  • SPECTRAN V6 RSA500X: = 92dBc
  • SPECTRAN V6 RSA2000X: = 95dBc

Thats a TOI/IP3 (third order intercept point) of around 23dBm and an IM3 around -121dBm.

A screenshot of the latest measurement (SPECTRAN V6 RSA2000X) is attached for download

-95dBc SPECTRAN V6 Third Order Intermodulation Distortion

Uploaded files:
  • 95dBc-SPECTRAN-V6-Third-Order-Intermodulation-Distortion.jpg

With a bit of tweaking you might get the IMD of a SPECTRAN 2000X (with 245MHz IQ option) even down to 102dBc (thats a whopping extra of 7dB) but with this setup you also see some slight spurs etc. coming from the used generators so it should be handled with extra care:

SPECTRAN V6 IMD down to 102dBc

BTW: If you are wondering why the tones dont look alike in this setup: This is caused by the difference in phase noise of the used generators:

  • On the left hand side (f1) we have a Hittite HMC-T2240 which produces a high amount of phase noise (huge base level)
  • On the right hand side (f2) we have a R&S SMA100A which produces less phase noise (but still quite an amount)
Uploaded files:
  • SPECTRAN-V6-SFDR-102dBc.jpg