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Spectral Background Mask

The Spectral Background Mask block removes all spurios or any other signal from the spectrum to offer a perfect clean spectrum to measure your DUT within a noisy RF environment.

Spectral Background Mask Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra

Right hand side Output:

  • Spectra (filtered)


This block is the perfect tool for a EMI or EMC test without the need of a EMC chamber:

Simply let the Spectral Background Mask block remove all noise, spurious RF emissions etc. around you by recording those and setting up an intelligent filter mask against them. After the recording switch to the mask max mode and you will get a clean spectrum without any disturbing noise.

Now activate your DUT and you will get the RF emissions of the DUT only without any disturbing RF.

It is as simple as that:

Spectral Background Mask Settings


This is how a recording might look like.

We have some quite strong LTE signals and want to eliminate those since our DUT will operate within the same frequency band:

Lots of LTE noise which needs to get removed


After recording and automatic filter mask setup we activate the filter mask and now have a clean noise floor with our DUT signals only:

It's magic.

Measuring a DUT in a noise RF environment


A typical mission:

Spectral Background Mask Typical Mission

Check out our latest demo video showing the Spectral Background Mask usage: Spectral Beackground Mask Demo-Video