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Simple Trigger

The Simple Trigger block is a simplified version of the regular trigger block to make conditional forwarding of a data stream based on a single condition flag easy to configure.








Left hand side Input:

  • Stream
  • Condition

Right hand side Output:

  • Stream

The Simple Trigger makes it easy to record or publish a single stream conditionally. When the configured Trigger Condition is found in either the Stream or the Condition input stream, it will forward the Stream to the single output for further processing. The Trigger Condition can be inverted by changing the Trigger on setting to "Low".



Having a separate Condition input allows to use a different stream or stream type as trigger. For example to record the IQ data only when the Spectrum Condition block detects a signal (using a secondary waterfall as visual verification):


Sofon has reacted to this post.

Could you tell me how to edit the Blocks, so it can output the audio alarm for the triggering?

You can simply add an "Alert" block after the Condition block (directly or indirectly) and configure it accordingly to react on the same condition as the Trigger block.