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Signal Strength Locator

The Signal Strength Locator offers an audio signal (frequency and/or pulse rate) proportional to the signal strength:

Signal Strength Locator Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra L (Rx1)
  • Spectra R (Rx2)


This block is a very nice tool to locate a RF signal via an audio tune which will rise with signal strength at the cursor location (incl. span).

Either use a rising frequency (via Min Frequency and Max Frequency) or a rising pulse rate (geiger counter effect via Min Pulse Rate and Max Pulse Rate) to locate the RF signal e.g. a hidden bug within a defined power range (Min Power and Max Power).


The newest update now offers a second input which allows a more advanced tracking method.

Use Rx1 and Rx2, each with an own directional antenna (but same type) looking in slightly different directions (e.g. 20 degree left and 20 degree right from the center).

Now connect a stereo headphone to locate the signal "within your head" since the human ear can perfectly locate even minor tuning differences . This works like magic and is hard to explain so try it yourself in reality with this great tool.


BTW: We are also working on a "stereo" DF antenna which will perfectly fit to this cool new feature.

With the help of the Channel Power Bias function, one can adjust the right to left orientation between Rx1 and Rx2 so the signal will perfectly "show up in the middle" (center calibration).

Signal Strength Locator Setup


A typical measurement might look like this screenshot (using two Rx) when Rx1 and Rx2 perfectly match so the signal would be directly in front of you:

Advanced RF Bug Detection via double Rx


Typical missions:

RF Bug Detection | Typical Missions

The newly implemented function of drawing direction vectors directly into a map extends SIGNAL STRENGTH LOCATOR to a complete manual direction finder system.
For this purpose, local map images as well as publicly available online map material such as Open Street Map can be used. In the near future, it will also be possible to integrate map material as offline map tiles - more to come soon.

Manual DF

Offline Map Tiles Server can now be ordered here for a specific continent of your choice (e.g. Europe) to be installed on any built-in device, e.g. V6 MIL or V6 CC.

So it can be ordered only for Europe? and it can be installed on the device only for V6 MIL or V6 CC?

Quote from Sofon on 11/09/2023, 11:04

So it can be ordered only for Europe? and it can be installed on the device only for V6 MIL or V6 CC?

It is not limited to Europe.

At the moment this feature must be installed by an Aaronia technician, so it is not available for USB-devices.