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Signal Event IQ File Writer

The Signal Event IQ File Writer block writes IQ snippets to disk and creates a data base:

Signal Event IQ File Writer Block

Left hand side input:

  • IQ
  • Events
  • Spectra

The IQ Signal Event File Writer block is mainly used in combination with the IQ Signal Classifier block to generate a database which can later on be monitored via the IQ Signal Event Explorer. The block is able to write massive numbers of incoming IQ snippets to disk while creating a data base.

The settings are quite simple:

Select the path where to create the first folder.

You then can limit the number of files per folder by adjusting the Time Split since hundreds of files per second might need to be saved to disk so it is wisely to configure the system to create a new folder every now and then.

You can add a JSON Metadata file to every IQ snippet which is needed for later data base processing via the IQ Signal Event Explorer

In addition an Auto Compress feature compresses every folder to a single ZIP file which makes the file handling much more simple since large numbers of files are a nightmare to copy. Be aware that depending on the number of files recorded per second this needs a lot of extra processing power to keep the compression up to date with the recording.

Signal Event IQ File Writer


A data base might look like:

IQ File Database


Within a folder the data structure looks like:

IQ Database Files


A typical mission might look like attached:

IQ Signal Classifier Mission


A video showing the block in action:


Hello, is it possible to further process records from the saved database in the IQ Pulse Inspector block? Thanks

Yes but the IQ Oscilloscope makes more sense (offers the same decodings), see above mentioned video. We use the following mission in this video: