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Show yellow light on RTSA

I have two V6 devices, now one of Spectran V6 maybe have some problem for the Data USB port. It shows the yellow light as following snapshot. but it is work on the other Spectran V6, as you know, I use the same PC, same USB cable, and the same RTSA.

Try a other hardware and a fresh installation.

But the other V6 is work well, so do I need to send back this V6 device to Germany?

Again: Try a other hardware and a fresh installation to check where the problem might come from.

Yes, I had tried other hardware, other PC and other USB cable and the newest version RTSA software, and a fresh installation. But no improvement. So, I think the problem come from V6 device itself.

In that case it seem to be a HW problem. Lets have a look to it.