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Sector Waterfall displays minor part of the segments

I have IsoLOG 3D Array with 32 sectors combined. However when connected to SW it only displays 4 sectors, despite Output Sector setting set to all


With Iso LOG configuration:


It's a Satellite - Command Center setup so data is being transmitted via HTTP, with IQ Power Spectrum block used to transform IQ data to Spectra data (see lower graph branch):


Please confirm that it is in fact a bug and not a configuration issue on my end.

No idea what you are setting up. Where did you get that system from? Usually you get a training for the system. Please contact our sales.

Quote from kareless on 04/01/2023, 21:30

Could you upload the completely block graph editor? Thanks

I'd want to know how to export segment or sector data, which segment or sector of 3D antenna is matching and relating with the IQ stream data signal at this exact moment?