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SDK SweepSpectrum demo about DMA buffer

The RTSA software is fast and smooth while using the Sweep Zoom Block.

But when I run the SDK SweepSpectrum demo, the V6 will take 2 minutes to capture the CW signal, which transmitted by the signal generator. I'd like to think this problem may be cause by the size of USB DMA buffer. Could you give me some advice to solve the issue?

The SweepSpectrum demo takes approximately 6 seconds from start to streaming, and then streams 1000 Spectra in less than 15 seconds.  If you see anything else, it is not working as intended on your machine.  The SDK generates its own log file in %appdata%\Aaronia AG\Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO\logDebug" and you might find some information there.

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