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NEW: RTSA-Suite PRO v2.1 now available

The RTSA-Suite PRO v2.1 will offer some optimized mission and grid handling:

  • Tooltips working while moving an undocked view over the grid. So far the tooltips work with the mouse only.
  • Ribbon bar with grid setup features for multi monitor setups.
  • Drag and drop blocks from a mission to the grid for simpler grid setups

Depending on the customer feedback we will for sure add even more features so please contact us if you a missing a function.

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RTSA-Suite PRO v2.1


The new RTSA Suite PRO v2.1 Ribbon-Bar now includes two additional icons:

The new RTSA-Suite PRO v2.1 Ribon-Bar Icons


The new icons in detail:

Spread all tabbed Views within the gridSpread all tabbed views within the grid (of this monitor).




Collect all views an tab them within the selected viewCollect all views (from this monitor) and tab them within the selected view.




In addition we included some new features concerning the ribbon bar if you use multiple monitors. All views now include two addition fields within the Block:

New Ribbon Features for Multi Monitor Handling


  • Ribbon Bar Appearence: With "Follow Dock" the corresponding ribbon bar will allways follow the position of the view if you move it to an other monitor. With "Stick on Main" the ribbon will allways stay at the main monitor (this was the default in the past).
  • Ribbon Bar Visibility: Change it to "Stay Visible" and you can force the corresponding ribbon to stay vissible when closing the view. Select "Same as Dock" and the ribbon will be closed if the view is closed (this was the default in the past).


Additional features that makes the RTSA-Suite PRO usage easier:

  • Double click to the ribbon and the corresponding view will be higlighted (and will be brought to front if docked).
  • Double click to a block within the graph editor and the corresponding view will be highlighted (and will be brought to front if docked).
  • Move a block from the block editor and drop it to any grid position.
  • Double click the titel bar of the view to open/close the corresponding settings.
  • Hover over the titel bar of a view and all settings will be shown in detail.


Template Feature:

You can now save any block as a template (unlimited numbers). Simply click on the hamburger menu within the block under "Block" and choose "Save Configuration as Template". You will be prompted to enter a name for the template. As soon as you have saved your template the corresponding block will show an arrow icon where you can select your new template(s) from. In our example we added a new template "Test1" to the File Writer block:

Template Usage


Performance Monitor:

You can click on the performance bar and will get more information about the blocks creating performance issues. The blocks with the highest load will be shown (maximum of 4):

Performace Monitor


In addition you can hover over the performce bars within the block graph editor to get even more details:

Performance Monitoring

You can download the latest RTSA-Suite PRO v2.1 (nightly) at

Where could I get updated RTSA-Suite PRO for testing purposes ?

(according to your change log at

there is v2.2.0.12135 for the moment, at least)

Please contact our sales.