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RTSA Suite PRO HTTP Stream Server

Features and Purpose

The http stream server (and client) block are used to stream measurement and detection data from and to the RTSA Suite PRO.

It's also used to control and monitor the streaming. The protocol uses http as the underlying transport protocol and the REST paradigm for the API.


PDF and examples are attached.

Uploaded files:

Attached is a new version of the HTTP Stream Server interface document.

Changelog: "new float16 format and optional scale parameter for raw http streaming"

Uploaded files:


great software for a great hardware!

The current version of the HTTP Server block features an output port.
Is it possible to feed IQ data to this output port from a HTTP client using e.g. PUT?


That is possible and documented here:

You might want to keep an eye on exact timing & the "Stream Debugger" might be very useful to verify your input stream.



Great, thanks for pointing me there!

The stream debugger is a very helpful block - I used it quite a lot the last days.

fw_dev has reacted to this post.

Hi, Is it possible to stream data for a known period of time, e.g. 2 seconds.

actually I want to capture just a fix amount of data but the amount is more than what /sample gives me.

and /stream needs my "by hand" stop.

could you please give me another option?


You can probably use the Control Sequencer block for that. E.g. to stream and record two seconds of data:

For more information on how to integrate this into your setup we'd need to know more details about it. Another option would be to check the timestamps of the received data and send a stop streaming command. This can easily be done by sending a PUT request to the /control endpoint containing:

{"start":false, "type":"streaming"}

Note: when using the /stream endpoint, you have to close the connection yourself. The server will keep it open otherwise even without any incoming data.