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Multiple Crashes with Secondary Montor(s) | NahimicOSD.dll not compatible with OpenGL

Yesterday i used Spectran V6 for a few hours without problems, then i turned off the computer and Spectran V6. Today I turned it on again the computer and the Spectran V6 but the program Aaronia RTSA Suite Pro always crashes, I also tried to reinstall it but it always crashes. My crash-report is attached.

This is a known bug of a "cheap" audio driver OSDs shipped with some motherboards and Realtek audio drivers which are infiltrating the address range of all system processes (malware like): Their NahimicOSD.dll is not compatible with applications that use OpenGL on multiple monitors as the RTSA-Suite PRO does.


  • Disable the nahimic service
  • OR Uninstall the a-volute software
  • OR Insert the AroniaRTSASuitePRO into the nahimic blacklist at C:\ProgramData\A-Volute\A-Volute.Nahimic\Modules\Scheduled\Configurator\BlackApps.dat


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