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RTSA Suite not working | Invisible Background Task


I installed the RTSA Suite on a new PC (Intel Core I5 10400 [email protected], 8GB RAM) fitted with a NVidia Quadro 600 2G graphics Card.

I updated the drivers and I can see "Aaronia AG - Spectran V6" under USB controller.

I connect the analyzer to the PC and when I run the RTSA Suite, it starts, a presentation screen is displayed and then disappears.

The application runs in the background but no screen is displayed.

I have to kill it in the Task Manager. Any idea?



Which RTSA version and which screen resolution and OpenGL version do you use?

I could finally make it work.

I had to execute the application as Administrator.


We just added a prompt that now shows up if you don't run the RTSA-Suite PRO in Admin mode.

This should fix this problem.


Please tell us which RTSA version, which screen resolution, which OpenGL version and which Windows version you are using?