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RTSA Suite not working | Invisible Background Task


I have installed the RTSA Suite in a new PC (Intel Core I5 10400 [email protected], 8GB RAM) fitted with a NVidia Quadro 600 2G graphics Card.

I have updated the drivers and I can see "Aaronia AG - Spectran V6" under USB controller.

I connect the analyzer to the PC and when I run the RTSA Suite, it starts, a presentation screen is displayed and then dissapears. The application runs in the background but no screen is displayed.

I have to kill it in the Task Manager. Any idea?



Which RTSA version and which screen resolution and OpenGL version do you use?

I could finally make it work. I had to execute the application as Administrator.


We have just added a prompt which will now show up if you dont run the RTSA-Suite PRO in Admin mode. This should fix this problem.

Could you please tell us which RTSA version and which screen resolution, which OpenGL version and which Windows version do you use?