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RTSA crashes when using Windows remote desktop

I run RTSA on a lab computer. Every time I connect to the lab computer through Windows remote desktop, RTSA just crashes, while all the other software (MatLab, for example) runs perfectly (not crash). How can I resolve such RTSA crash trouble?

The mission file of mine is attached.

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Did you upload a crash report? Can't reproduce the crash, so we'll need more information about the circumstances of the problem.

The crash report is attached.

I send the report through the feedback as well, and I specify my forum username CYW in that feedback report.

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You RTSA-Suite PRO seems to be totaly outdated. Please try with the latest version.

The RTSA Suite PRO requires opengl. It appears that the crashing system is using an intel display driver from 2017, which might not support correct opengl over rdp.  So installing a new display driver may resolve the issue.

The crash trouble is resolved after I update the RTSA to the latest version. Thank you!

The "RTSA crash when using Windows remote desktop" event shows up again. The mission file and the report are attached. How can I resolve such RTSA crash trouble?

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The crash is graphics related. As already stated above, try to update your graphics driver. If possible, test on another system with different (more recent) graphics hardware.