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How to run Full RTBW at low Frequency

Hello, how can I display the RTBW from 75 MHz, I'm trying, but I can't get lower than about 158 ​​MHz.

Sorry I don't quite understand what you're asking...

I would like to see RTBW, for example, with a width of 92MHz and in the frequency band from 75Mhz to 167MHz. I want to set the center accordingly in the Spactran V6 setting (set to Full Span) but it is not possible to set the center lower than 192 MHz. How can I see 92MHz wide RTBW from 75 to 167MHz? Thanks

You need to disable the preselect stage for a full RTBW in this low frequency range, but I don't see the use as signals/channels are quite narrow in this frequency range so a large RTBW doesn't make sense, so use 1/2 or 1/ 4 span instead.