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RSA 500X Dynamic Range

I just received RSA 500X. It was purchased for FCC testing. Dynamic range is very important. At +10dBm, I was able to get 72dB. I am looking for 80dB. I can lower reference level from +10dBm to 0dBm. For CW measurement, I was able to get 79dB DR. But this can be problematic for modulation. Is there any suggestion to get more range than 72dB? Thanks.

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Sure: Use real-time mode instead of sweep mode and then use a smaller RBW.

As my report shows, I used real time mode and it helped a little bit. Using smaller RBW will not help, because I need to integrate noise power back to 1 MHz for FCC mask purpose.

Assuming our transmit power is not noise limited, I might be able to drop power level by external attenuator. Since SpectraV6 is saturation level limited and not noise limited, I might be able to get more dynamic range this way. I will check.


After setting reference level, is it possible to adjust internal attenuator value?

At 2500MHz center frequency, 30MHz span, the maximum RBW is 300kHz. Is it possible to set it at 1MHz?

Thank you for help.

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Yes you can reduce the FFT size but the resolution will be quite bad...