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RF SP4T Switch

RF SP4T Switch block: Main settings for our USB controled SP4T switch.

The SP4T switch is silicon based, bidirectional and offers 4 RF inputs (SMA female) and one RF output (SMA female). The frequency range of 1MHz to 6GHz and the typical insertion loss of 1-2dB (depending on frequency) incl. a high IP3 of 54dBm (typical) makes it a great RF switch for test purposes .

The RF SP4T Switch block can be used as a stand alone or within a mission. The block offers an IO swap option (Device connection mode) transforming the block into a 4 in 1 out or 4 out 1 in version.

SP4T Switch Block | Main Device Control

Left hand side inputs:

  • In 1 (RF input #1)
  • In 2 (RF input #2)
  • In 3 (RF input #3)
  • In 4 (RF input #4)

Right hand side outputs:

  • Out 1 (RF output)


RF SP4T Switch Block Configuration Setup (not all settings shown):

RF SP4T Switch | Settings


Typical Mission Examples:

RF SP4T Switch | Mission Examples

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Thanks for the SP4T switch, now I can control manually to switch with different COM. Moreover, we wanna remote control to switch with different COM, which feature offers an automatic rotation of each COM(it means rotate with different signal input). And this selection with a switching duration customized.

And then ,could you please offer the API for the SP4T switch for us? So we can program to remote control the switch with automatic rotation.

There are different ways to do this, depending on your use case:

  • For remote control from a custom application you can use the HTTP Server as remote interface. We have also some C++ examples using the HTTP Server interface.  This solution is quiet flexible, because you can control all blocks in a RTSA Suite mission and not just the RF switch.
  • You can also use the Control Sequencer block to rotate periodically between the inputs or by another sequence(see attached mission):
  • You can also use the Script block to control the RF-SP4T switch which is also very flexible
  • The switch itself can also be controlled by implementing an usb driver in a third party application, attached is the interface documentation.


Uploaded files:
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We have optimized the ribbon bar control for the RF SP4T Switch Block.

The pulldown menu was replaced by switches with a "LED" indicator for the status which should be much better to handle:


SP4T RF Switch with status LED control knobs

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