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RF SP4T Switch Block

RF SP4T Switch block: Main settings for our USB controled SP4T switch.

The SP4T switch is silicon based, bidirectional and offers 4 RF inputs (SMA female) and one RF output (SMA female). The frequency range of 1MHz to 6GHz and the typical insertion loss of 1-2dB (depending on frequency) incl. a high IP3 of 54dBm (typical) makes it a great RF switch for test purpose.

The RF SP4T Switch block can be used stand alone or within a mission. The block offers an IO swap option (Device connection mode) transforming the block into a 4 in 1 out or 4 out 1 in version.

SP4T Switch Block | Main Device Control

Left hand side inputs:

  • In 1 (RF input #1)
  • In 2 (RF input #2)
  • In 3 (RF input #3)
  • In 4 (RF input #4)

Right hand side outputs:

  • Out 1 (RF output)


RF SP4T Switch Block Configuration Setup (not all settings shown):

RF SP4T Switch | Settings

Typical Mission Examples:

RF SP4T Switch | Mission Examples