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REST server api ?


What is the REST server used for?  Can I use a REST server  to manage the RTSA Suite program? I want to connect to the server (port 55442) and remotely turn on and configure the transmitter to generate patterns.
I also need to control the transmitter gaint.



I did not find an example anywhere that uses port 55442 for communication. Why do you need this thing at all ? In the manual found the following:

18.2.6 REST Server

Enable REST Server
Enables a server component that can be used to monitor and control the RTSA to some degree from a remote
system. This is primarily intended for distributed setups where the RTSA is performing different tasks on
multiple systems which are partially automated, so all instances can be somewhat controlled from a “master”
Enabled by default.

but how to use it?

The REST server is mainly for monitoring the application status (is it running?) and performing things like restarts remotely using add-on applications that are not yet publicly available. Due to that there is no documentation for it yet. As stated in the manual, its intended use is for deployments with several distributed systems running 24/7.

It does not provide an interface to interact with the mission, for that you can use the regular HTTP server and HTTP client blocks using the documentation provided in the forum section.

fw_dev has reacted to this post.

As mm_dev described, the HTTP Server is able to access & modify block configurations via http://localhost:54664/remoteconfig

A GET request on /remoteconfig endpoint will give you a JSON response with all config items reachable via the HTTP Server Block

In addition to the mentioned PDF you might find a very basic example of how to use the remoteconfig by a look at

Regarding the built-in REST Server: Maybe helpful, but unsupported:
- http://localhost:55442/rtsa/infocenter
- http://localhost:55442/mission/info
- http://localhost:55442/app/health