RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.1

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Remote SPECTRAN V6 with inbuild PC (Remote Monitoring Solutions)

We will offer two different versions:

Small (70mm x 300mm x 270mm size) including 1G Ethernet with 2Rx, 1Tx and GPS. Up to 8TB SSD. Includes any SPECTRAN V6 X. Perfect for simple and cheap remote monitoring.

Large (100mm x 500mm x 600mm size) including 10G Ethernet (optical) with 4xRx, 2Tx and GPS. Up to 64TB SSD. Includes any SPECTRAN V6 X. Perfect for high-end real-time full bandwidth I/Q streaming and remote monitoring.

All versions are passive cooled without fan.


How can I get a quote for a specific configuration? Who to email the enquiry to?

Specifically, need

  1. 2x V6 500X 80 MHz + D401 (also, looking for 26.5 GHz upgrade to be available in market)
  2. RTSA Pro with spectrum stitcher block, real time loop
  3. VSG SW upgrade 4096 QAM
  4. i7 CPU, 16 GB Ram, 4 TB SSD + ext. SSD support

Use the contact form on our website: