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Remote SPECTRAN V6 with inbuild PC (Remote Monitoring Solutions | Ethernet | Outdoor)

We will offer two different versions:

Small (70mm x 300mm x 270mm size) including a low power PC with the latest AMD Ryzen™ 4000 CPU, 1G Ethernet and up to 8TB SSD. Includes any SPECTRAN V6 X and supports 2Rx, 1Tx and GPS. The perfect solution for cheap remote live RF monitoring and recording.

Large (100mm x 500mm x 600mm size) including 10G Ethernet (optical) and up to 64TB SSD. Includes any SPECTRAN V6 X and supports 4xRx, 2Tx and GPS. Perfect for high-end real-time full bandwidth I/Q streaming, recording and remote live RF monitoring.

All versions are passive cooled without fan.

A first rendering of the small version:

SPECTRAN V6 X ODB | Remote real-time spectrum analyzer series

How can I get a quote for a specific configuration? Who to email the enquiry to?

Specifically, need

  1. 2x V6 500X 80 MHz + D401 (also, looking for 26.5 GHz upgrade to be available in market)
  2. RTSA Pro with spectrum stitcher block, real time loop
  3. VSG SW upgrade 4096 QAM
  4. i7 CPU, 16 GB Ram, 4 TB SSD + ext. SSD support

Use the contact form on our website:

I like the connectors on the small version above!  They look far better and more robust than the SMA connectors on the current V6 range.  Is there any chance that the new Eco range of V6 might be able with an N type connector version. I've had so many issues with SMA connectors - they're awkward to screw in, often come loose as I'm moving around doing a survey and don't bear the load well when using a heavy low-loss 5M cable.

We offer a lot of options for the V6 line with N connectors e.g. our RACK mount versions. Its simply a question of housing size and weight.

We are selling spectrum analyzer with SMA connectors for over 10 years now and so far have ZERO problems with SMA since we produce them all our own and they fore sure are much more rugged then the typical "China one way SMA connectors" on your Wifi routers & Co 🙂