RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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Remote SPECTRAN V6 as Rugged Military Grade Version (ECO Version)

Our new rugged remote SPECTRAN V6 will offer the same features and technical data as the SPECTRAN V6 X series (Up to >1THz/s sweep speed, 245MHz IQ RTBW, 245MHz Tx Vector Signal Generator, GPS) but will include a powerfull fan less PC and Ethernet (2,5-Gigabit-LAN) remote connection. It will be available as remote monitor or spectrum & IQ recorder version incl. lots of SSD (up to 8TB) and hard drive (16TB) space. The perfect choice for remote spectrum monitoring and recording even under worst temperature and environmental conditions. All RF connectors are rugged N types and all other connectors offer a high IP grade.

Attached is a first rendering of the final product in NATO green (military with extended temperature range) and white (commercial):

Rugged military garde remote real-time spectrum analyzer


White (commercial) version:

Remote Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer & RF Monitor

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