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Remote Config

The powerful Remote Config block offers full remote control of any supported hardware within the HTTP Client and HTTP Server chain.

It offers a remote control function of any supported hardware (SPECTRAN V6, IsoLOG 3D DF antenna etc.) connected to the RTSA-Suite PRO

from anywhere in the world via a local intranet or the WWW, a 3G/4G/5G connection or even a satellite link:

Remote Config Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Input

Right hand side Output:

  • Output


The Remote Config block needs to be placed somewhere in between the data stream within the local system, usually behind the HTTP Client block.  It gives you full control and all status information from any block directly or indirectly connected to it (Remote Blocks) over the HTTP connection e.g. a SPECTRAN V6, a Tektronix RTSA, an IsoLOG 3D DF antenna etc.

All units will automatically show up with all there controls.

You can also add the direction via Control Upstream (default) and/or Control Downstream.

Remote Config Block Settings


As an example we have docked a SPECTRAN V6 and an IsoLOG 3D DF antenna to the remote station.

Now we have all status information via the HTTP connection as you can see.

The Remote Config Block shows all Controls and Status from Remote Units


A quick and dirty test setup demonstrates the Remote Config block functionality.

We have full real-time control over the HTTP remote connected SPECTRAN V6.

A typical Test-Settup via a local HTTP Connection


The Demo mission for above Screenshot:

A Typical Remote Config Demo Mission for test

The Remote Config block now offers full Tx support:

Remote Config Mission

Remote Config: Remote Control via HTTP

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