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Receiver Band Sequencer | Frequency Hopping (needs key)

The Receiver Band Sequencer is a real cool block for monitoring up to 32 specific bands "simultaneously" saving the need of using multiple receivers.

You can order the block at

More information about the block is found at

Attached mission looks like the following:

Aaronia RF Band Sequencer Mission


After start you get the following layout:

Aaronia Receiver Band Sequencer

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Hello, is it possible to describe the difference between the Sequencer block and the Multi Spectrum Zoom. It is possible to get the block as a demo for a limited time. Thank you

Receiver Band Sequencer is just a control block that automatically cycles a connected V6 between the defined frequency ranges, in particular in combination with an IsoLOG 3D DF antenna. It does however only forward the received data, there is no processing or filtering there.

Multi Spectrum Zoom on the other hand is a Spectrum view with lots of additional analysis features on top. It does not provide cycling between arbitrary frequencies like the Receiver Band Sequencer, but allows to have one (or more) V6 to monitor selected parts of a larger frequency range (typically provided by a sweep block) in detail.

Please contact our sales department about test licenses.

Hello, I'm trying different misses using the Receiver Band Sequencer block and found that the displayed frequency bandwidth does not correspond to the set segment. Sometimes it is a few MHz narrower, somewhere wider. I have some error in the settings, or where the problem could be. Thanks

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Hello, do you have a solution to make the spectrum width match the settings?

Tank you.

Can you provide a test mission that uses only a single Receiver Band Sequencer that demonstrates this behavior?

Connecting multiple sequencers to the same device is obviously going to cause issues. And of course the maximum span is limited to the currently configured bandwidth of the V6, with 92 MHz RTBW the effective span per segment is limited to about 76 MHz.