RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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Reading *.wav files

I have *.wav files with IQ info in L/R channels (recorded with a separate SDR). These wav files can be directly played using Windows media Player. Since the source file block can read *.wv files, I tried on-line conversion tools to convert *.wav to *.wv, but get a read error when trying to open the converted *.wv. Is there a recommended way to read wav files with stereo IQ data, or an available conversion tool? *.wav files is a very common output file format in HF SDR's, so would nice to have this capability. . Thanks, Jeff

I added the .wav file import to our todo list with low priority, so not sure when it will be ready. For the .wv files i guess we support not the complete .wv file format, because I have some .wv files which are working and some which are not working. I will ask our developers for more details.

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Ah I was wrong sorry, the .wv files we use are "R&S Waveform" files not WavePack audio files.

Until the wave file import is implemented you can try to use the script block to import your data. I added an example for the Script block ( ). In the example I use .wav files generated with GNU Radio, you should be able to use it by replacing just the path to your data files and starting the script block. You can put a File Writer block behind the Script block and save it in the *.rtsa format.