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Smallest possible RBW ?


We already have a SpectranV6 receiver and are interested in upgrading it to a 245MHz/8GHz receiver. May I ask what is the best RBW we could get at full span ?   [i.e. 8GHz, 245MHz  lowest-RBW?]  currently the best we could get is 3.75kHz @4ghz and only at 1/4 span  .


This depends on the installed software options. Default is 30Hz.

Please have a look at:

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I use Aaronia-RTSA-Suite PRO

Receiver is RSA 250X

I can not get better resolution than RBW=15KHz at full span (102 MHz). Can I get smaller value for the RBW at full span ? e.g. 3KHz

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As mentioned before, you need to order a KEY to get a higher FFT resolution.

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