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Raw IQ File Writer

Raw IQ File Writer block:

Left hand side input:

  • IQ Streams

The Raw IQ File Writer records IQ streams to the selected file in the common "raw" IQ format of interleaved complex 32-bit floating point values. For a sequence x_0, x_1, x_2, ... of complex values, these are written to disk as follows:

[Real(x_0), Imag(x_0), Real(x_1), Imag(x_1), Real(x_2), Imag(x_2), ... ]

Make sure you have a capable SSD since the data amount can be huge! You might consider to use the IQ Demodulator to reduce the data size.

To start a recording first select a target file using the file chooser, then press record to start a recording.

What is the difference between Raw IQ File Writer block with File Writer block?(File Writer – Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 Support Forum

As mentioned before it saves RAW data only without any additional information.

I'm trying to run two Raw IQ File Writer blocks in parallel to capture simultaneous data from RX 1 and RX 2.  Unfortunately, I see a delay on one channel relative to the other.  Is there a simple way to synchronize them?  Ideally, I would like to capture about 1 second of samples from the two channels into the files.