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Raw IQ File Writer

Raw IQ File Writer block:

Left hand side input:

  • IQ Streams

The Raw IQ File Writer records IQ streams to the selected file in the common "raw" IQ format of interleaved complex 32-bit floating point values. For a sequence x_0, x_1, x_2, ... of complex values, these are written to disk as follows:

[Real(x_0), Imag(x_0), Real(x_1), Imag(x_1), Real(x_2), Imag(x_2), ... ]

Make sure you have a capable SSD since the data amount can be huge! You might consider to use the IQ Demodulator to reduce the data size.

To start a recording first select a target file using the file chooser, then press record to start a recording.

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As mentioned before it saves RAW data only without any additional information.