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SOLVED: Problem with the Quasi Peak value

After updating the firmware on the Spectran V6 and RTSA Siute software, there is a problem with the display of peaks in the Quasi Peak spectrum graph. After adding the Quasi Peak to the spectrum, instead of the peak graph, only the overall background color changes but the graph progress display does not appear because it is out of the display range. This is related to the fact that values in the order of 690dBm appear in the Quasi Peak chart which is obviously incorrect. They should be about -65dBm This appeared for all the missions we created. We also tried it on the factory missions and the result was the same.
With previous versions of the RTSA firmware and software everything was fine. Can you please advise us. Thank you

Do you have the Spectrum block connected directly to the Spectra output of the V6 block? If so, please try to use the V6 IQStream output and a IQ Power Spectrum block instead as a workaround.

This problem is fixed in version of the RTSA which should be available shortly.

Thank you, in version the problem has disappeared