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Problem in DF of signals in the air

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thanks for the suggestion.

can you explain about accumulation type for time compression option?

I mean "average" and "power" options.

I think average option simply use the mean metric but how about power?

I ask this since I think power option works better am I right?

Depends on the signal. Simply try it.

by the way can you explain about "power" type?

"Average" calculates the average using the dBm numbers directly, so the average of -30 dBm and -90 dBm is -60 dBm.

"Power" calculates the average using the normalized Watt values. -30 dBm equals 0.001 mW, -90 dBm equals 0.001 nW, so the average is basically 0.0005 mW, which converts back to about -33 dBm. This is the more "correct" way, but in most cases the difference is minimal as we're dealing with millions of samples at a time, and it is a lot more expensive in terms of CPU power.

thanks for the Reply

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