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Problem in DF of signals in the air

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Hello admin, According to the mission which you sent for me ( , I am trying to DF the signals in the 1850 MHz band, Using 1850 MHz as center Freq. and 92 MHz as BW; One thing is very interesting for me:

I can DF 1850 MHz signal very well but I can’t DF 1865 MHz at all. this happens while the frequency map ( I mean the frequency charts in the “IQ directional finding” block) is just the same and even the wide frequency sector ( this sector appeared just in chopper mode ) is on the top for both. Please help me to DF this band of frequency. The following files are one picture and one video, the picture is for 1850 MHz signal that DF is well and stable, but the .gif file is for 1865 MHz signal which is not working well. Best regards

Uploaded files:
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  • video.gif

Did you set the buffers for Filter Direction and  Time Compression?

Filter direction is 5%

And time compression is 10 units with the type of average or power

Use the posted settings. Your settings are far to low.

that may solve the problem, but we want to DF e.g., the burst signals (signals with low exiting time) in a given frequency band, BTW I think extending time compression or filter direction just doesn't make sense in our problem. Am I right? Is there any other suggestion for us to do?

Tracking single short bursts only works with the chopper mode hardware option.

I know it

I have chopper mode option and doing the mission on 500 us chopper time with generic mode.

But I want to know how may I perform DF on burst signals while I can't even DF the common LTE signals in the air without missing real time option.

Why don't you use the settings we posted?

sorry for the late response.

actually, I'm using your settings. except time compression and filter direction.

my time compression is 100 and my filter direction is 5-10%.

increasing time compression more than this make my DF system not to be real-time.

Do you have any suggestion to catch burst signals like CW signals without the loss of being real-time?


Set the chopper time to 12 µs. 500µs is way too long.

Then you can collect much more data and increase the compression and filter settings to our specified values.

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