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PreAmp Option seems not work ?

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Quote from AdminTC on 20/01/2022, 10:34

ALL: The complete layout screenshot

This is full screen screenshot and same result






I think the result is same
but please say your idea


Yes looks like a blown preamp.

why you think so ?

I never connect anything to this spectrum except an omni antenna

And it was  a new spectrum, I think I only use it  at max 15 times !

but ...

anyway please let me know what should I do for solve it

Please contact our sales for a repair quote.

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could you please share 4 photos (same as me) for understanding better about Amp and PreAmp effect , ( Per as my photo , even AMP effect was not so clear !)
(per as datasheet PreAmp gain should be 20db , but how much is Amp gain? in my photo its not clear for me )

so if its possible please share some photo for us , Thanks in advance

There are many postings in the forum showing that e.g.

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Please check this posting to verify if you have a faulty amp stage:

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