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Powering the V6 from a user specific power source

The Spectran V6 is supplied with a USB 3.1 Cable Type C to Type C (10Gbit/s / 60W) which can be connected to a PC with USB-C connector, or to the supplied AC power adapter.

But since USB-C PD is designed to work with various voltages: 20V/5A, 15V/3A, 12V/3A and 5V/3A, which voltage should be supplied to the V6 USB-C POWER input if such source was a user specific power system?  Or can the V6 accept any voltage from 5V to 20V?

Spectran V6 "POWR" input is fully USB-C PD compliant and asks a power source (e.g. power supply) for a 9V@3A=27W source capability. In case the power supply can not source 9V@3A, there is a fallback mode with 5V@3A that has limited functionality due to the just 15W of power. We do not support higher voltages because of thermal restrictions.

You can also power up Spectran V6 from "DATA" port in case your PC can supply 5V@3A over USB-C. In that case you simultaneously have USB-C data and power connection and there is no need to connect a power supply to the "POWR" input. However in that case Spectran V6 has limited functionality due to the just 15W of power delivered from your USB-C on your PC. This is a limitation of USB-C power delivery from a PC to a peripheral.