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Power density evaluation table.

Dear all,

I currently have an Isolog 3D 9080 antenna connected to a Signal hound spectrum analyzer and a spike. But the application can't give me what I need and the support isn't very helpful.

What I would like to achieve is this.

- I need to measure the power density for the main sources but in V/m or mW/m2 which is normally supplied with the antenna path-loss correction.

- When I need to carry out an analysis in a school, office or hospital, I have to provide a list of the sources of pollution and the associated values. Which mean that I can have potentially 10 sources above 0,1 V/m, for example.

- In the picture below, Narda is providing on the 3006 a safety level option. This is my test unit.

I would like to achieve this with your RTSA software. Can you please add this request to your list?

Best regards,


No problem since you see it all at one glance so no need for such an old fashion table:

Simply add the channel list and it is what you want:


Thanks for your reply, RTSA is far from being out of fashion! It's a remarkable piece of work.

I have a few questions for you:

  • Quasi peak is a frequency peak to check compliancy with EN55015 and EN61800-3 standards for electromagnetic compatibility, isn't it? Sorry to ask (not expert at all), but is it independent of bandwidth ? Taking the same quasi-peak, the amount of energy in a 15KHz tube and in a 5G downlink channel at 26GHz with a 100MHz band won't be the same.
  • What I would like to measure is the channel power, to check compliance with ICNIRP 2020 guidelines.
  • Taking your example, I see the 800MHz downlink carrier from provider O2 with a bandwidth of 10Mhz, can I get the channel power directly ? Or a table with ?

Thank you again.



Good morning AdminTC,

I'm coming back to you because I'd like to find a working solution and buy the spectrum analyzer asap.

The channel list like this one will be perfect, how can I get the channel power for the two examples below in V/m ?


Yes simply use the channel power feature within the trace. Have a look at at


Will it be possible to make a mission that will automatically display, for example all sources above 0,1 V/m ?

And to confirm, I would need:

  • spectrum analyser, what will be the best hardware for me ?  V6 plus or V6 eco ?
  • Isolog 3D 9080
  • Channel power option
  • Calibration

What else ?

Limits are not available in this mode. Please contact our sales for such a quote.

Limits are not possible in channel mode ?

Can I activate channel power for the entire spectrum or it will be per profile ?

Is there a way to export power density, average or peak to a table ?

Already contacted sales for a quote !



You have to select a profile, but you can define a profile for the entire spectrum if you want. There is no universal association between frequency and application for the whole spectrum, so we do not offer such a profile as default (multiple applications can use the same frequency range, different countries may regulate applications differently resulting in different frequency allocations or channel widths, and all that may change over time).

If you're looking to reproduce the results from your Narda device you need to figure out what application profile it uses (note the "Select Service Table" button at the bottom).

You can export any trace as .csv, which can then be imported in any third party software like Excel for further processing or presentation if you want.