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Show Phase Difference between Rx1 and Rx2

The Attached mission shows the phase difference/offset between Rx1 and Rx2 (RF1 and RF2). The mission includes a second SPECTRAN V6 to generate the test signal so please make sure to setup the right devices/serial number.

You can also use a different signal source instead. In this case simply remove the signal source SPECTRAN V6 from the mission.


Measuring the Phase Difference between Rx1 and Rx2

Uploaded files:

Thanks for this post. I understand that this mission will provide the phase difference in radian between Rx1 and Rx2.

Could you elaborate a bit on the IQ function "rotate" to extract phase difference.

Considering equi-amplitude signal, do you have any idea of the expected accuracy ?

Tks a lot


Rotate multiplies the first channel with the complex conjugate of the second, and divides by the norm of the second - thus inverse rotating the first by the second