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PC Hardware Recommendation for the SPECTRAN V6

All in all it depends on the use case and the mission complexity of the RTSA-Suite PRO which PC hardware you need to run your SPECTRAN(s) V6 as wanted.

If it comes to the processor selection you need to know that you should calculate a MINIMUM of 4 cores per SPECTRAN V6 unit.

  • For simple spectrum monitoring an i3 system is the minimum and works fine if you optimize some settings but using the Tx or more complex IQ processing produces heavy performance problems with such a hardware.
  • If you are in need of a low power system (e.g. to add it to a drone) we would recommend an AMD Ryzen7 4800U NUC (or similar). This hardware works fine in most cases but is still limited depending on the mission complexity.
  • If you need it mobile use a powerful AMD or i7/i9 gaming laptop with fast SSD. This should also work fine in most cases (>2k Euros). Please don't use crappy low cost laptops, this is of no fun at all.
  • For "regular ALL IN" operations use a powerful AMD or i7/i9 desktop PC with enough USB 3.1 ports, fast SSD and powerful NVidia graphics card.
  • If you want to operate multiple SPECTRAN V6 units there is only one rule: The more PC power the better and the more fun!