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Frequency offset | Can i adjust/calibrate it myself?


Having spectranv6 with hardware option OCXO  5 ppb. Using pattern signal generator create signal on 200 Mhz .  Look at  screenshots.

What i saw on FSW  ( screenshot #3)

I suppose to got signal on frequency in the range 200 000 000 Hz +- 5 ( calculation on screenshot 4)

but measured signal is on 199 999 995.45 Hz ( FSW also have option 5 PPB )

where i am wrong ?


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  • pattern200.png
  • 200MHz-spectran.JPEG
  • calculation.png

All you need to do is to add the frequency offset from you calibration paper to the V6 block to calibrate the frequency of the V6.


Where to add ?
and what you mean under calibration table ? we did not received any calibration documents with our device ( actually we bought two spectran V6 RSA2000X)


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  • settingsofgenerator.png

Please check your time base calibration file at C:\Users\$$$\Documents\Aaronia AG\Aaronia RTSA-Suite PRO\blocks\resources\Spectran_V6B\A2-x-00000006\calibration\clock.json. This file is generated by first time RTSA-Suite PRO installation and is pulled from the V6 hardware:

Refclock Calibration Setup


You should have something like {"scale": 1.000000059509277} which would be the correction FACTOR from our factory time normal. If this value does not fit with your hardware you can change it accordingly.

From tomorrow on we should offer a field/checkbox within the SPECTRAN V6 block for a much more simple adjustment.

The feature is now implemented. For further details please have a look at

Can the Tcxo(0.5ppm) and the Ocxo(5ppb) be diffrent on the RTSA software?

eg.  Would the frequency reference accuracy of marker value with OCXO  option be  better than Tcxo at the same RTBW span?

No the marker resolution only depends on span and FFT size: