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R&S NRP Power Sensor

NRP-Z11 Power Sensor block: Device control for the Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z power sensor family.

The NRP-Z11 Power Sensor block simply reads the power values coming from the device. The block supports all power sensors from the same family e.g. the NRP-Z21, NRP-Z22 etc. The block is mainly used for our internal calibration setups but can also be used within your own script block for custom usage and includes a time vs power graph.

NRP-Z11 Power Sensor Block


Left hand side Input:

  • Input 1 (JSIQA/JavaScript data exchange)
  • Input 2 (JSIQA/JavaScript data exchange)
  • Input 3 (JSIQA/JavaScript data exchange)
  • Input 4 (JSIQA/JavaScript data exchange)

Right hand side Output:

  • Output 1 (JSIQA/JavaScript data exchange)
  • Output 2 (JSIQA/JavaScript data exchange)
  • Output 3 (JSIQA/JavaScript data exchange)
  • Output 4 (JSIQA/JavaScript data exchange)


You can select from multiple connected devices under Device Name (use Rescan to see all connected devices, use Start to connect the selected device).

Adjusting/adding the Center Frequency offers higher accuracy since the calibration data from the unit will be used.

In addition the Measurement Rate can be adjusted (Minimum is 20ms, dafault is 200ms).

NRP-Z11 Power Sensor Settings


A running mission might look like attached:

NRP Power Sensor Graph


Typical Mission Example:

NRP-Z11 Power Sensor Typical Mission


Please make sure to install the latest R&S Driver (NRP Toolkit with RS_VISA_Setup_Win_7_2_2.exe) and the RTSA-Suite PRO IVI Foundation VISA package for operation.