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NEW: WiFi Decoder (MAC Address Decoder)

The new IQ WiFi Decoder block decodes all WiFi MAC addresses and more.

IQ WiFi Decoder | Show all MACs

This decoder is a great tool to show any surrounding WiFi network and its MAC address including the vendor (if in database), channel frequency, channel width, number of detections, first detection (timestamp) and finally the used network protocol.

Multiply frequency bands can be monitored at the same time by connecting multiple V6 receiver. So far we have implemented:

  • 2,4GHz  
  • 5,2GHz
  • 5,5GHz
  • 5,8GHz

The new WiFi 6E is in preparation already. The block also offers a detection output stream as plain text for further processing e.g. for integration within our AARTOS Drone Detection System.

WiFi MAC Address Decoder example Screenshot

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