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NEW: Sweep Noise Floor Smoothing & Flattening

The latest RTSA-Suite PRO offers an advanced combined "noise floor flattening & smoother" function for the Spectrum Sweep block:

Spectrum Sweep Block


Why is this interesting?

If you are using a very low Reference Level (e.g. -60dBm) the SPECTRAN V6 will offer a perfect flat noise floor (around a single dB variation only) over the full frequency range. This is exactly what you want to have since you can perfectly observe all signals within the waterfall display. In this case there is no need for this new feature:

-60dBm Reference Level offers a perfectly flat noise floor


But if you are using a higher Reference Level the noise floor starts to get uneven since you now start to see the preselector insertion losses etc. In this case it gets harder to see a clear spectrum within the waterfall display (see the right hand side noise floor):

Noise floor gets uneven with higher reference level


If you now start to rise the smoothing percentage you get a perfect flat noise floor over the full frequency range offering a super clean spectrum view within the waterfall display:

Super Flat Spectrum Noise Floor at 100% Smoothing Factor

Please notice that the sensitivity gets reduced if you use this feature (in some frequency ranges). You can compensate this by using an active antenna e.g. our latest IsoLOG 3D Mobile. So all in all great feature for frequency monitoring.