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NEW: Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom Block

The Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom block offers full control over the V6 receiver and even includes the I/Q to Spectra FFT.

Switch between Sweep and Real-Time mode within the same block:

Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom


A typical mission setup:

Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom Typical Mission


This block does it all: You don't need to create different missions any more to switch between real-time and sweep mode since this is now selectable with a single mouse click within the Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom block control bar.

In addition we have added a Start, Stop, Center, Span & RBW adjustment (all at the same time) with a 1Hz resolution:

Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom Control Bar


You can select the FFT Windowing function:

FFT Windowing Selection


And you can choose the between different capture methods:

  • scan (Used for spans bigger than the RTBW. Optimized sweep if it comes to speed. In this mode we use an optimized code with a fixed number of bins of 2k)
  • sweep (Used for spans bigger than the RTBW. Any setup is possible)
  • realtime (Any setup within the maximum hardware RTBW. No sweep mode)
  • poi (real-time measurement within the maximum hardware RTBW: Adjusts the FFT/Bin size as big as possible for the choosen POI. No sweep mode)
  • rbw (real-time measurement within the maximum hardware RTBW. Adjusts the FFT/Bin size to keep up with the selected RBW. No sweep mode)

Receiver Capture Methode


An additional great new feature is the automatic center and span adjustment if you select a profile from the database:

Automatic Frequency Adjustment

Since this block is still under construction you should use it with special care.

Some (invalid) settings are not yet blocked and might even cause a crash.

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