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NEW: Rx and Tx Status & Error Handling within V6 Ribbon Bar

The V6 ribbon bar now shows which Rx and Tx is active incl. health status:

SPECTRAN V6 Rx/Tx Health Status

Rx1 and Rx2 running and OK

  • Green color: The Tx and/or Rx is active and is working within specs
  • Yellow color: The Tx and/or Rx is active but with reduced functionality e.g. running Rx1 and Rx2 with 245MHz IQ each causing a USB transfer rate problem
  • Blue color: The Rx and/or Tx is available but not active
  • Grey color: The Tx and/or Rx is not available (no key). You could activate it at any time buy ordering a key.
  • Red color: Major error, mostly hardware e.g. PLL cant lock (power supply or USB power problem), no vendor ID (communication problem to frontend PCB)

Hovering the mouse over the Rx/Tx status bar and you get an additional error message e.g. "USB Underflow" etc. which will help you to solve an existing problem.

Input Underflows

USB Underflow

Major Error

No Communication to Frontend PCB

If any Rx or Tx is faulty or brings up an error the green running sign in front of the ribbon bar title "Spectran V6" will change to a warning sign. By hovering of this warning sign you will get an extensive device information prompt showing all important information you might need to solve the problem, e.g. last errors, temperature etc.

Extensive Error Report