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NEW: RF Drive Test Block (Implemented)

We are soon launching our new GEO RF Heatmap block which offers a powerful RF drive testing solution.

All you need for operation is a PC/Laptop, a SPECTRAN V6 with GPS option (or our GNSS Compass for best possible accuracy) and an OmniLOG PRO antenna (use the magnetic stand to mount it on the rooftop of your vehicle) - done.

You can then select a specific band and/or channel(s) or even a wide frequency range for example the complete 6GHz range and get a live heat map showing the corresponding signal strength of every GPS location you recorded.

After recording, you can even select a different specific frequency range or channel to generate a new RF power heat map for the newly selected range only.


A great tool for:

  • Performance Analysis
  • Integration of New Sites and change parameters of Existing Sites
  • Marketing
  • Benchmarking
  • Locate hidden or illegal transmitter


Attached two screenshots showing the block using our GNSS Compass in action:

RF Drive Test Software


The same recording but with some heat map adjustments:

RF Drive Testing

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CorNic East

How to test the GEO RF Heatmap block and where to download it? Thank you very much.

You can order the block in our online shop