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NEW: Receiver Band Sequenzer block | Create a Frequency Hopping List

Our new Receiver Band Sequenzer block consists of up to 32 individual frequency band setups which can be run as a batch over and over again:

Receiver Band Sequencer Block

Besides the "Name" you can select the start, stop (or span and center frequency) or simply choose the wanted band from our channel list and select the wanted reference level. This is the main setup for your band. In addition you can adjust:

  • Wait (time, samples, rotation) - Defines the hold definition type for the measurement
  • Dwell Time - Only active if "time" is selected from "Wait"
  • Samples - Only active if "samples" is selected from "Wait"
  • Rotation - Only active if "rotation" is selected from "Wait"

You can also select the IsoLOG 3D DF antenna to take controll over the dwell time:

  • IsoLOG (ignore, rotate, sector, chopper)
  • Ignore (Dont use IsoLOG 3D DF antenna)
  • Rotate (The dwell time will be the number of rotations in "Rotation")
  • Sector (Use the sector selected in "Sector Index" of the IsoLOG only. Use the dwell time as selected in "Sector Time")
  • Chopper (Use the IsoLOG 3D DF chopper mode. Use the dwell time as selected in "Sector Time")

And finally you can select the output (out0 to out3) where this setup should take place for.

All in all this is a very powerfull block that helps you e.g. to save receivers for multi channel I/Q monitoring/decoding.

Receiver Band Sequencer Block Configuration Screenshot