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NEW: IQ RTBW Correction Block (I/Q data usage with third party software)

If you use the RTSA Suite PRO software you don't need to worry about this issue, all I/Q data will be corrected fully automatic e.g. via the IQ Power Spectrum block.

But if you want to use a third party software e.g. Matlab or GNU Radio you might need to slightly correct the I/Q data coming from the SPECTRAN V6.

In this case you can use our new IQ RTBW Correction block:

IQ Correction block

We are only speaking about 2-3dB and only at some very special setups (filter edges) but just to be sure you should add the IQ RTBW Correction block in front of the File Writer or HTTP Server block before saving or streaming I/Q data to a third party software:

SPECTRAN V6 IQ Correction

This mission setup shows how to use the block and which stream would be corrected or uncorrected.

Uploaded files:
  • IQ-RTBW-Correction.jpg

Do I certainly and always need to connect the IQ RTBW Correction Block, if using with a third party software e.g. Matlab?

As need to try if you need it. Simply check your data results.