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NEW: Harmonics Analyzer (THD)

Our new Harmonics Analyzer is of great help to test your DUT.

Harmonics Analyzer Block | Measure THD in Real-Time

The block offers a real-time THD measurement. You can adjust the number of harmonics to measure (up to 10). Each harmonic will be show within an own graph with full scalable spectrum incl. Clear/Write and AVG trace. Multiple reference trace can be added for perfect DUT verification and documentation. The RBW, span and dwell time are fully adjustable offering the perfect setup for any signal type and the highest possible dynamic range and sensitivity for the measurement.

The complete measurement incl. all reference traces can be saved as a measurement package for later analysis, documentation or data exchange.

A first glance of the layout (unfinished):

Harmonics Analyzer Software

Real-Time Harmonics Analyzer