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NEW: Deep Memory FFT | Up to 1 Million FFTs

The new Deep Memory FFT feature is now available in 4 steps:

  • FFT8k (default)
  • FFT32k
  • FFT128k
  • FFT1M

The Deep Memory FFT feature will offer much smaller RBWs within the same span which will result in a sensitivity boost and can be purchased from today on for all SPECTRAN V6 units.

As an example you get the following noise floor and RBWs vs FFT size (@ -60dBm RefLevel and 2MHz span @ 2,22GHz):

  • FFT8k = -146dBm @ 480Hz (smallest possible RBW)
  • FFT16k = -152dBm @ 120Hz (smallest possible RBW)
  • FFT128k = -158dBm @ 30Hz (smallest possible RBW)
  • FFT1M = -167dBm @ 4Hz (smallest possible RBW)

Attached are the corresponding screenshots:

FFT8k (Included for free maximum FFT size):

8k FFT Example Screenshot


32k FFT Example Screenshot

128k FFT:

128k FFT Example Screenshot

1MFFT (1 Million FFTs):

1 Million FFTs Screenshot

Uploaded files:
  • FFT8-Screenshot.jpg
  • FFT32k-Screenshot.jpg
  • FFT128-Screenshot.jpg
  • FFT1M-Screenshot.jpg

We just improved the Deep Memory FFT by adding and additional much smaller 1/64 and 1/128 RTBW span.

This offers the following improved noise floor and RBWs vs FFT size (@ -60dBm RefLevel, Span 600kHz @ 2,44GHz):

  • FFT8k = -151dBm @ 120Hz (smallest possible RBW)
  • FFT32k = -157dBm @ 30Hz (smallest possible RBW)
  • FFT128k = -163dBm @ 8Hz (smallest possible RBW)
  • FFT1M = -172dBm @ 1Hz (smallest possible RBW)

8kFFT (Included for free maximum FFT size):

Deep Memory 8k FFT


Deep Memory 32k FFT


Deep Memory 128k FFT

1MFFT (1 Million FFTs):

Deep Memory 1 Million FFTs