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SysPLL Init Failed

As a first time user, i connected the 3 cables (Data, Boost, Power) of my new SPECTRAN V6.

The 3 indicator lights came on and are all green.

I used the software (UsbTreeView) that came with  the V6 on the USB stick, to find the it.

But RTSA-Suite PRO -> tools->USB device manager can't span my V6.

Could you do me a favor and tell me the reason, and what can I do to make my V6 work.

Thanks a looooooot!

Uploaded files:
  • Usb-device-tree-viewer.png
  • Sys-Pll-Error.png
  • 42e2a0cf6233b4c79670cbf07843a84.jpg


unfortunately the "USB Device Manager" does not yet show the Spectran V6.

The SysPLL error message you're getting indicates an unstable power supply.

Did you use the included power supply to provide power to the SPECTRAN V6, or did you use a PC USB port?

If you used a computer USB port for power, it might not have the required USB Power required for the Spectran V6 power connection.

Please use the power supply.

Since you seem to have a USB 3.1 simply remove all USB cables form the V6 but the Data USB cable which you plug into a USB 3.1 port.

This should offer you 15W of power and up to 120MHz IQ bandwidth.

That's far enough for a quick test with the default mission (running at 92MHz IQ bandwidth).

For a detailed analysis of your problem send us your Debug Log File(s):

  • Go to Extras Menu and select Data
  • Open Datafolder Debug Log Files

A file explorer window opens with Dbg_.txt files.

Now upload the latest file(s) to this forum post.

Thank you for your support!

According to the UsbTreeView screenshot, you connected the Spectran V6 to a USB 2.0 hub.

While that should not cause a SysPLL error when using the included power supply, it will definitely limit the available bandwidth to a fraction of what the device can support.

Please connect the device directly to your PC. If possible a USB 3.1 port.