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Combo View

The ComboView block combines the Spectrum, Waterfall and Histogram block within a single block and supports two different sources (e.g. Rx1 & Rx2):

Multi View Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra 1
  • Spectra 2

Left hand side Output:

  • Spectra 1
  • Spectra 2


The ComboView block is one of the most complex blocks and includes an almost endless setup and measurement configuration menu to setup a perfect measurement. Since all three views (Spectrum, Waterfall and Histogram) are locked together the marker and cursor features are mirrored, which allows a much easier measurement with combined views since the marker and cursor will show up at the exactly same position within all views at the same time. For further feature and setup details please refer to the Spectrum, Waterfall, Histogram blocks.

Attached a glance of the setup possibilities:

Multi View Block with Endless Setup Posibilities


A typical measurement setup offering a perfect layout of all three views including trigger and marker functions:

Spectrum, Waterfall and Histogram within a single view


The same signal zoomed and with some layout changes within the marker settings:

RF Histogram, Waterfall and Spectrum view at its best


A typical mission:

Multi View Mission