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Mission change by HTTP API

Hi, is there a way to change between some different missions using the HTTP API and if affirmative, how can I do it?


It is possible with some restrictions:

  • The current mission must contain a HTTP Server block that you can connect to
  • The mission file that should be loaded is located on the system the RTSA is running on
  • The current mission will be replaced without any confirmation to the local user
  • If anything goes wrong while loading the new mission (or if the new mission does not contain a HTTP Server block) you may be left without remote access (as the old mission with the HTTP Server block may already be unloaded)
  • You need to use version or later of the RTSA-Suite PRO

You need to send a PUT request to the /control endpoint of the HTTP Server block. That request must contain a JSON object with the following properties:

"type": "mission"

"load": true

"file": absolute-path-to-mission-file

E.g. using curl it could look like

curl -X PUT -d '{"type":"mission", "load":true, "file":"d:/http_load_mission_test.rmix"}'


Nice, thank you for your answer!