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Missing Required Library For Windows OS Install

When installing the Aaronia_RTSA_Suite_PRO_2.1.1.10245_Setup_64bit on a freshly build W10 (Enterprise) system I received the error that a required dependency was not installed.  I attempted to uninstall and re-install with no change, so I downloaded from Microsoft the VC_redist.x64.exe package, installed, then re-installed the Aaronia RTSA SW with success.


Thank you for this report.

A pretty recent test install with W10 Enterprise Eval, US English, build 19041.release.191206-1406 was succesful.

May you provide more infos?

Which version of the Win10 Enterprise did you try?
Did you install it in a virtual machine?
Which language / locale was used?

Thank you!

Windows 10 Enterprise; 21H1; 4/‎6/‎2022; 19043.1645

Real machine (not virtual)


Unfortenately I can't get that specific Windows ISO...

But I have updated the 'older' Windows via Microsoft Update to the latest patch level.

Even on this version I can't reproduce the problem.

Nevertless I have updated the VC_redist.x64.exe to the latest version, all RTSA installers will now use this one.

I think we will release a new public version soon.


Thank you!

Happy to be of assistance!