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Missing Required Library For Windows OS Install

When installing the Aaronia_RTSA_Suite_PRO_2.1.1.10245_Setup_64bit on a freshly build W10 (Enterprise) system I received the error that a required dependency was not installed.  I attempted to uninstall and re-install with no change, so I downloaded from Microsoft the VC_redist.x64.exe package, installed, then re-installed the Aaronia RTSA SW with success.


Thank you for this report.

A pretty recent test install with W10 Enterprise Eval, US English, build 19041.release.191206-1406 was succesful.

May you provide more infos?

Which version of the Win10 Enterprise did you try?
Did you install it in a virtual machine?
Which language / locale was used?

Thank you!

Windows 10 Enterprise; 21H1; 4/‎6/‎2022; 19043.1645

Real machine (not virtual)


Unfortenately I can't get that specific Windows ISO...

But I have updated the 'older' Windows via Microsoft Update to the latest patch level.

Even on this version I can't reproduce the problem.

Nevertless I have updated the VC_redist.x64.exe to the latest version, all RTSA installers will now use this one.

I think we will release a new public version soon.


Thank you!

Happy to be of assistance!

I can relate to the frustration of missing required libraries for software installs. I've run into this issue myself before.
Interestingly, you mentioned that you couldn't reproduce the problem on your updated Windows version, even though you updated it to the latest patch level. It shows that sometimes these types of issues can be unpredictable.
I often turn to Reddit when I'm having software compatibility issues. There are many communities on Reddit dedicated to Windows and its various features, including the reddit windows keys community. People on these forums are often quick to share their experiences.