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Marker search minimum


how can I assign a marker to minimum? Within Peaks mode I only found maxima, but no minima.

And my second question is if it is possible to assign markers to the difference/resulting trace in Spectrum View when using a reference trace and here both minima and maxima.

If this is not possible i ask you to implement this feature.

Thanks for reply

For the first question, while there are no actual minimum markers, you can get the minimum power value for a trace by using the "Function" property of a marker. Won't tell you the frequency where that minimum occurs, so not sure if that is helpful to you.

Regarding the second question, at the moment there is no marker support for the reference spectrum display. However the "Spectrum Reference" block could be used to generate a delta, which can then be fed into a Spectrum view and get marker support that way. May require some additional setup though depending on your specific use case.

Forwarded the request for implementing actual minimum markers as that should be pretty straightforward. Will have to check about reference marker support as that would be much more complex to implement.