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NEW: LTE Decoder incl. Map

First screenshot of what to expect soon:


Aaronia LTE Decoder



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Now supporting more standards:

LTE Decoder

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Is there some more detailed introduction of this fuction?

Not at this stage. Will add it as soon as we have a release (2-3 weeks) available.

The LTE Decoder and LTE Scanner is now available. For more details please have a look at:

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Hello. Where do I find these blocks ? I've updated the SW to the latest version but I cannot find them in the package shop.

Not yet available in the shop. Please contact our sales department.

The mapping function could be very useful. Looks like it’s decoding a cell tower ID, not sure if that ID is then used to lookup the physical address of the tower via the Internet or if cell towers broadcast their map coordinates. I see the telco is provided as well. The information can be used by Aaronia customers to offer a new type of commercial service: on site surveys for corporations and users to help select a mobile phone telco provider. Tier 1 cities and other metros always have multiple 4G/5G providers with varying levels of coverage. No telco is willing to provide information about tower locations, number of radios per tower, or current levels of channel, data rate, throttling, over-provisioning, etc. Many mobile customers are missing calls, suffering from dropped calls, and being forced to walk outside to maintain a conversation. When all radio’s on a tower are maxed out with connections, new calls get shifted to the next closest tower even if the RSSI is insufficient. I hope Aaronia software developers continue on the path to enable Aaronia customers to provide such a service to our customers.