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Low Cost SPECTRAN V6 PLUS (2x40MHz RTBW | 9kHz-8GHz)

In addition to the upcomming SPECTRAN V6 ECO we are working on a new low cost SPECTRAN V6 PLUS offering a dual receiver design with a RTBW of  around 40MHz-50MHz each, a frequency range from 9kHz to 8GHz and an optional Tx (within the same frequency range).

The look and feel of the new SPECTRAN V6 PLUS and the full RTSA-Suite PRO Software support will be 1:1 as for the regular SPECTRAN V6 series.

Besides the regular hardware options like "GPS", "OCXO" "Preamplifier" and "Memory Expansion", we will add a new hardware option "Powermeter" with up to 70GHz (depending on option) frequency range.

Starting price should be around 2500 Euros for the basic version.

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